About Us

Indu Scans has been established to provide state of the art Medical Diagnostic Services using cutting edge technology and some of the best equipments available in the world. Highly Qualified and Experienced Medical and Healthcare professionals form the back bone of Indu Scans. These professionals have received specialized training to operate and deliver on latest technologies being used in our centres. This has improved diagnostic accuracy and provided a tool to clinicians to enhance their assessment of patients which in turn has resulted in better and timely detection of disease states and their subsequent treatment. Indu Scans centres are located at prime and easily accessible locations in their respective cities and towns. Indu Scans is empanelled by Central Government and all leading healthcare providers and organizations.

Indu Scans endeavours to continue to invest in latest technologies and equipments for furthering the cause of early and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The ultimate aim is to achieve high levels of PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE and WELLNESS.

Leading the Way in Medical Excellence.